Sandalwood Imperial Base

Sandalwood is now so expensive that chemicals are ubiquitous in replacing it in most fragrances. This formula is a particularly useful one in that it gives you both natural sandalwood and a beautifully balanced combination of the finest sandalwood chemicals.

I advise sticking with the proportions in the formula for the most part, but in terms of cost, you can vary the natural sandalwood by increasing or decreasing (if you decrease the real sandalwood substitute in diluent like DGP).

You should always get the freshest sandalwood chemicals you can as some have a tendency to sour over age.

You can replace the sandalwood with amyris oil or cheaper variants of sandalwood. I strongly recommend (if you can afford it) to use the very best sandalwood you can obtain. Sandalwood rare from Eden Botanicals is astonishingly good but not always available.

The Formula

Quantity Ingredient Comments
430 Finest Genuine Sandalwood Oil
350 Sandalore
120 Dartanol
90 Polysantol (Firmenich)
5 Javanol
2 Aprifloren Lactonic touch
1.5 Tuberolide Methyl Tuberate
1 Maltol Natural Adds sweetness
0.5 Muscade absolute Nutmeg absolute or terpeneless nutmeg
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1 month ago

This worked beautifully with my premium Australian Sandalwood!

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