Clone Formula: Sampaquita by Givaudan

Sampaquita is a modern sophisticated jasmine base made by Givaudan. It is based in part on a headspace analysis of Jasmine Sambac (from the Philippines) but it also includes a pretty huge dose of Hedione High Cis (Methyl dihydrojasmonate). The scent is quite soft as far as jasmine accords go - with the benzyl acetate (main component of jasmine) being relegated to a secondary role. Givaudan describes the base as: "The delicate fragrances of carnation and ylang together with a...
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zafar khan
4 years ago

Very nice

zafar khan
4 years ago

Can u post sandal art boiland farmula

Josep M
Josep M
1 year ago

Wow I did it yesterday and it was extraordinary. Very delicate and refined.

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