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This formula takes the Tom Ford iteration of a cologne and ramps it up for a truly extraordinary scent. This is a luxurious extended version of Neroli Portofino based on an overdose of natural orange blossom ingredients.

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Neroli Portofino is a very popular modern take on the classic cologne. Neroli is used in a vast number of men’s fragrances as a basic note, and in women’s fragrances often as an accent. In traces or overdose it is exceedingly beautiful.

This formula takes the Tom Ford iteration of a cologne and ramps it up for a truly extraordinary scent. This is a very expensive version of Neroli Portofino. As you will see it really does revolve around a base of musks and an overdose of natural orange blossom ingredients.

This formula based off GCMS data, insider knowledge, and my own additions (mainly to add a few modern touches of great beauty). You will see that it includes very high amounts of various naturals and so I have included links or suggestions to alternatives if you want to make a lower cost version (that will be closer to what Tom Ford sells as the amount of naturals I use is prohibitive for a department store fragrance). For a truly elegant, luxurious, and “private label” type fragrance, I recommend using all of the ingredients as listed.

Fragrance Review

Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino is an exceptional adaptation of the note neroli (and an exceptional adaption of racy advertising). In addition to neroli, there is a light amount of orange, mandarin, lavendar. This makes it a fresh-floral fragrance without becoming too complex and muddled (as many florals do) or too generic (as fresh fragrances often do).

Neroli Portofino is not just another typical fresh soapy fragrance at a niche price, like Atelier’s Grand Neroli (and even Jardin D’Amalfi’s neroli note suffers from this flaw). Many people on here have smelled the neroli-based Mugler Cologne, but this is not just an incremental upgrade. This is a wonderful fragrance of it’s own right that is miles better than Mugler Cologne. The soapy shrill and loud citrus-like neroli (redolent of bandages and alcohol) is replaced by a gentle, delicate, natural and smooth neroli. Think of how Encre Noire’s shrill vetiver compares to Sycomore’s smooth vetiver. If you removed the vetiver and replaced it with some fruit, comparing Neroli Portofino’s floral vibe to Sycomore’s wouldn’t be entirely out of the question either.

Versatility is where Neroli Portofino shines. This is truly unisex, rather than just labeled such, equally acceptable for both men and women to wear. Age is no issue either, as it’s modern enough for any young person to wear with ease, but still sophisticated enough for an older person to wear. This is surely meant for the summer and spring, but don’t count out Fall either. This fragrance projects well and has very good longevity compared to most summer fragrances.

What this scent truly reminds me of is business. It’s the perfect professional fragrance, as it safe to wear, but also unique. This fragrance is a clean-cut business man, sharp, good-looking, well dressed, both alert and vibrant but also calm and collected. It will last you throughout the day and you will be noticed, but it’s never too strong or flamboyant.

This is not a groundbreaking or revolutionary fragrance in any way, but it does take what some fragrances have been trying to do and simply does it better. It is a dependable one suited for daily wear if you choose, one which might have you moving closer to smell it on various occasion. The progression is a bit linear, but it’s good that it largely preserves it’s wonderful opening rather than forgoing it. The price is not cheap, but it is well worth it’s price of admission.

For those who do like fresh, clean fragrances with a little bit of a floral undertone, I cannot urge you enough to try this. Easily one of the best, if not THE best of the Tom Ford line, even giving competition to Tobacco Vanille. As a summer fragrance, it’s easily one of my top choices and I know when my decant runs out, I am going to end up with a full bottle of this in my collection very soon.[1]Review by noirdrakkar

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