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This is very possibly the greatest fragrance ever created for men. Now you can purchase the complete formula for an extremely high quality clone of this near-mythical perfume.

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Patou Pour Homme Privé is my signature fragrance, I have spent untold hours wearing this scent and considering its many nuances. I have bought numerous bottles at great cost (of both the eau de toilette and aftershave) and have had more than one GCMS analysis performed. This analysis of Patou Pour Homme Privé includes a complete formula for the fragrance that is out of this world and, should you wish to play around with the data yourself, a complete copy of one GCMS analysis performed on one unspoiled bottle of the scent.

Also included in this download is a biography of Monsieur Jean Patou and master perfumer Jean Kerleo who constructed Patou Pour Homme Privé and, indeed, many fragrances for the house.

The demand for this fragrance is so high that bottles are now commanding prices as high as $1,500 US on eBay. With the tools in this document you can create your own copy and wear it as your signature fragrance or share it with friends. You could modernize it with some of the exciting chemicals that have emerged over the thirty years since it was created, or simply enjoy it as it is.

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Classic, perfectly executed, floral fougere. Soft notes of lavender/rose/iris/jasmine at the top, with a follow up of tons of coumarin/hay and green notes, finished off by a great, oak-mossy, vetiver, patchouli with a hint of vanilla/amber. Understated and not at all bold or assertive like Patou Pour Homme. A throwback to classic form done with a perfectionist’s obsession for quality.—numcks

The initial impression is that of absolute purity, beauty and incredible quality of ingredients.

The top note is a beautiful lavender, hints of iris and jasmin. This in counterbalanced by an oakmoss-based fougere impression, which in the drydown adds sandalwood with a gentle vanilla sweetness.

All these components blend together most harmoniously into an elegant one; this is not a typical floral, fougere or vanilla as all components are sublimely merging without any one dominating. On me the sweetness is very discreet.

A discrete creation of amazing quality. 4.75/5. Very close to perfection.—rbaker

Simply one of the best men’s fragrances ever created. Sets the standard for aromatic fougeres in general.—drseid

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17 August, 2020

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    Frank Saunders

    I am not a huge fan of fougere fragrances in general, but I decided to give this a go and wow am I in love with this! This is absolutely going to be in my regular rotation. Thanks Jamie!

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