Nasomatto Baraonda Replica Formula

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Baraona by Nasomatto is an unusual and unique fragrance by one of the great niche houses of the 21st century. This is our replica formula for training perfumers and those who are simply curious about how a fragrance is constructed.

This purchase is a downloadable PDF document of a complete fragrance replica formula. Full instructions and additional creative notes are included.

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Baraonda is a wondrous and unusual perfume by Nasomatto. Here we present our replica formula based on intense study of the original fragrance. Rich with musks and balanced with naturals, you’ll love this formula. All materials are readily available from the various suppliers for perfumers.

Fragrance Reviews

A dark dessert opening to a choir of coconut, muscovado sugar and smoky bourbon, with a hint of roses in the soprano section. This is not for the kids out there, but for adults with a certain “big-dick-energy” – regardless of gender. The coconut fades quickly and is replaced by a hum of dark notes – mainly smoke and booze.–frejvonfraahsen[1]From Fragrantica

This is magical. While I have not been able to get my nose on many boozy fragrances, and this was my first foray into that area of fragrance, I am wowed. A sweet, soft, heady fragrance that can only be described as intoxicating. I will admit if you aren’t used to a photorealistic boozy frag, as I was not when I first smelled this, it will take some getting used to, but once you have gotten used to it you will find a fragrance that is simply divine. The rose, ambrette, and whiskey are blended to absolute PERFECTION and compliment each other scarily well.–finesse19[2]From Fragrantica

Really nice.

Opens with a great combo of whiskey and ambrette. This is the first time I have liked the use of the ambrette note. As it dries down, woods comes to life…to me, it’s a cedar note. Reminds me of the smell that permeated from my parent’s liquor cabinet they would open up on special occasions. This is a very sexy alluring scent to me, although I imagine some might be turned off by it.

Longevity and performance are well off the charts awesome! Great for fall/winter. I would say this is masculine all the way.

Overall, I really like this.–MNadz[3]From Fragrantica

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1 January, 2021

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