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Eau Sauvage was the great masterpiece of perfumer Edmond Roudnitska and is famous for being the first fragrance to feature hedione. This formula unlocks Roudnitska’s secret personalised version of the fragrance.

This purchase is a downloadable PDF document of the complete fragrance formula. Full instructions and additional creative notes are included.

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NOTE: This is not the 2015 Dior fragrance Sauvage marketed by Johnny Depp—this is the original 1966 Edmond Roudnitska masterpiece cologne: the first mass market fragrance to use the glorious power of hedione, newly discovered and captive by Firmenich at the time.

This is my version of the fragrance which I make according to Mr Roudnitska’s secret recipe (I have included his secret within the formula). The bulk of the perfume is composed from GCMS data, inside information, and a certain amount of sniff testing to balance some of the natural ingredients. I give bottles of this away as gifts to friends. It is particularly popular with men who don’t generally wear cologne due to the lightness and the freshness. This is the perfume for men who don’t wear perfume.

This is a costly formula but not beyond the reach of most hobbyists. I would suggest this be a starting point for a classic cologne. One twist which I have played with to great success is to add a pineapple top note which blends so beautifully with the basil oil. I will be selling my pineapple base in the future but until then I recommend something like Paul Kiler’s Perfect Pineapple Base exclusively available at Perfumer Supply House.

“The concentration of a beautiful perfume is not decided by reason of its strength or by its cost price, but by its optimal olfactory efficiency. It is at a predetermined dilution that a concentrate takes on its most beautiful form. Only a person of taste, a connoisseur, can discover it.”–Edmond Roudnitska

Dilute this fragrance to ten percent and spray often.

Fragrance Reviews

If I had to reduce my collection of down to just five mere bottles, this would be one that I kept. This is class in a bottle, with subtlety I did not expect to like. I tend to why away from fragrances that do not radiate beyond the skin, but this is a deliciously invigorating scent. While it has been around the 60s, it has a truly timeless aura around it. This is a fragrance that exudes class, charisma, and confidence. I just want to live in the bottle.–quay_acts[1]From Fragrantica

My summer staple. I absolutely adore this. Effortlessly chic and stylish. The combination of citrus, basil and musky undertones is heaven to my nose. Who cares if the lasting power isn’t fantastic? Just reapply it throughout the day. A white linen shirt, dark blue cotton chinos, leather sandals and eau sauvage = Mediterranean summer combo!–APJ[2]From Fragrantica

Eau Sauvage is a beautiful, “vintage” fragrance from the mid 1960’s that gives us a sort of window into the past. At a time when men’s fragrances had to be overtly masculine in order to attract buyers, Eau Sauvage took the bold step of releasing a sweet and fresh scent for men that wasn’t loaded up with musk, patchouli, or other strong “masculine” notes.

This scent is top heavy with citrus, but beautifully balanced with spices. There is an earthy greenness that supports the creamy lemon and bergamot, giving it a kind of aftershave quality, but with more depth and staying power. You would not be wrong to be reminded of a barbershop and rich, tart shaving cream.–ReturnToScenter[3]From Fragrantica

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1 January, 2021

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    Disclosure – I’m not familiar with vintage Equipment Sauvage but only with the modern (2000s) version. But if this is to go by, it is a revelation. The formula that Jamie has put together is an incredibly masterful interpretation of the main Roudnitska character: herbal, fresh, incredibly tenacious. I have this mixed at 20% and it last through the day with incredible elegance. And even if my inferior ingredient quality, this is a masterpiece. Thank you, Jamie!

    • Jamie Frater

      Jamie Frater

      Thank you so much Konstatin – your high praise is appreciated!

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