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Original Santal is an Amber Woody unisex fragrance by Creed. Warmed with natural spices and traces of florals, you’ll love this unique formula. This is our replica fragrance formula for educational purposes.

This purchase is a downloadable PDF document of a complete fragrance replica formula. Full instructions and additional creative notes are included.

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Original Santal is an Amber Woody unisex fragrance. Original Santal was launched in 2005. The fragrance is very similar to Mont Blanc Individuel so you are really getting two perfumes for the price of one with this formula! Top notes are Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Juniper Berries and Coriander; middle notes are Lavender, Ginger, Rosemary and Petitgrain; base notes are Vanilla and Tonka Bean.

Fragrance Reviews

Original Santal smells like something I would like to drink. I find this scent refreshing and exuding good vibes. There was a season when this was a daily wear for me and I still enjoy it time to time. In respect to the actual scent profile, I have a hard time picking out the individual notes, and looking at the breakdown here, I would not have guessed them. So, I’m not sure how to explain the smell, only how it makes me feel. It sets a good mood for the day, what more could I want from a fragrance.–Noeul92[1]From Fragrantica

Beautiful sandalwood creation. Strong opening, evokes a few sneezes. Stays around quite a bit eventually sandalwood reigns. Just a really nice evening fragrance.–dilettante[2]From Fragrantica

After owning 4 creed scents I am really happy I got to try this creed out it blew me away, I like the fact that this has the sandalwood and cinnamon and a little bit of the spiciness it totally takes the scent to whole new level its really well combined, and this one lasts I get near enough 6,7 hours original santal can be versatile in my opinion, this also does have great projection enough to get you noticed and stand out from the crowd and yes I also got some compliments with this more than the virgin island water, royal water, however this scent has now taken the number one spot in my collection now.–vmann393[3]From Fragrantica

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