Creed Green Irish Tweed Replica Formula

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This is the mighty green fougère from Creed, loved by all who smell it. Green Irish Tweed reeks of wealth, luxury, and nature. This formula will help you create your own copy.

This purchase is a downloadable PDF document of the complete fragrance formula. Full instructions and additional creative notes are included.

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Green Irish Tweed is one of the most brilliantly constructed green fougere type fragrances ever created.

In this, my version, I am including all of the original non-IFRA and non-EU compliant ingredients because it is profoundly beautiful in its original form. You can always do substitutes if you are concerned with those regulating bodies.

Additionally, I have made a few improvements (at least I believe them to be so) to enhance the fragrance with ingredients that have come on the market since the perfume was first released or simply because they make beautiful additions.

You’ll love this formula – it is a knock out. The high quantity of naturals used indicates the reason that Creed fragrances are legitimately expensivel. This formula includes numerous different extractions taken from the orange blossom plant!

I strongly recommend reading the comments on the archived formula page for tips and tricks when making this formula.

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“The beginning is fresh sparkling [citrus]. The violet leaf and ambergris gives it a masculine edge that is marine but not aquatic. I think the base smells like the ocean. Oily and marine. A true gentleman’s timeless fragrance.”—Jassar

“An extremely classy, elegant and versatile scent that even Creed’s detractors give grudging respect to. This fragrance has a fresh cut grass and [citrus] opening that is somehow familiar and yet unique. The rest of the fragrance’s development is similar in producing a slightly nostalgic and yet timeless and classy aura. A great all round fragrance which can be worn in any situation and season (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise). Perfectly unisex in fact and perfectly composed.”—Mr Smelly

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18 August, 2020

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2 reviews for Creed Green Irish Tweed Replica Formula

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    This is an awesome Formula!
    Its a really green scent that will form into a nice woody scent over time.
    I havn’t smelled the real thing but im in love with this variation.

  2. Avatar

    Raffaello (verified owner)

    I repeat what I wrote about Creed Aventus: I know the original fragrances and Jamie has incredibly improved them with his formulas. Really great job!

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