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Chanel’s Égoïste Cologne Concentrée is the richer, darker, more powerful brother of original Egoiste. It is Egoiste taken to its most perfect form. Beyond a doubt it is one of the true masterpieces of masculine perfumery.

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One of the first fragrances I purchased for myself was the original Egoiste by Chanel. All these years later I am never without a bottle and have since acquired the near-mythical Égoïste Cologne Concentrée and a much loved bottle of Bois Noir, the very short lived fragrance that was the precursor to the other two.

Chanel’s Égoïste Cologne Concentrée is the richer, darker, more powerful brother of original Egoiste. It is Egoiste taken to its most perfect form. Beyond a doubt it is one of the true masterpieces of Jacques Polge.

Having sampled my bottle of the Concentrée when I first bought it I decided that I would like to make something similar with the very finest possible ingredients I could get my hands on at the time. And from there was born this formula. It is based on inside information and a number of GCMS analyses, with the addition of a few of my favorite things.

Upon letting this rest for a time (and it needs it) you can definitely tell that this is a child of the vintage Egoiste but it is a fragrance in its own right. I believe this cologne (properly aged and diluted) is better than any of the Egoiste family on the market today.

This formula is based around ingredients that are very expensive . . . such as Mysore Sandalwood, but substitutions can be made depending on the amount of money you wish to spend on the final fragrance. A minimum dilution of 15% is recommended.

The Fragrance

“If the licentious, devilishly handsome Don from the Mozart opera Don Giovanni wore a fragrance it would be this one. This is a much darker, more aggressive, richer and heavier version of the original Egoiste, which means Selfish in French. I first experienced this scent on a gentleman I met in Paris during Fashion Week. He had this exact same version which sadly has been discontinued. I was turned on by him and the fragrance. I was much younger then and like the ladies in the famous Chanel Egoiste commercial I slept with him in an expensive hotel only to later discover that I was just another conquest. Well that did not sit well with me at all but the cologne was not to blame! Love the cologne!

The original Egoiste is not bad but this was really something. To me it smelled intense like an oud scent from the Middle East. It does not wear exactly like an Oriental but it has an Oriental nature. There is sandalwood, a characteristic of Oriental perfumery, and it really does deliver a magnificenet aroma. In addition there are spices and lots of them. It has a distinctly spicy flavor but not like a spice from spice shop or a kitchen. If you’re afraid this might be too strong it really is no stronger than other men’s colognes with spice scents, woods and leather. I find that this would have been made worse had they thrown in some patchouli. As it is this fragrance is balanced and a well-composed woods and leather scent.

The woodsy notes smell a bit like dark ebony furniture, well polished, glossy with varnish, resinous. It has a balsam too. It smells like the inside of a mansion which belongs to a Saudi prince. As such, it’s very luxurious and splendid. The woods in this fragrance transport one to a very stylish woodsy interior, not like a cabin or cottage, but more like the library of an opulent manor house, with wooden shelves and staircases, the floor to ceiling book shelves as seen in the Beast’s Library in Beauty and the Beast the Disney movie. This is a studious, mysterius, strongly masculine scent. It is the fragrance for a mature, dominant man. He takes what he wants.

I feel that it is very sexy and very alluring because it is a mating call perfume. It might not be too seductive on a young man who is not used to wearing Orientals or frags with too much wood. The woods is what really stand out. The leather is also very pronounced and it’s more elegant and stylish leather than musky leather, though this, too, contains musk.

I think it’s appropriate for a complex, charismatic man. Obviously if he is wearing a Chanel, he is a man of means, or has great taste in fashion and wears designer suits. The Chanels might be misconstrued as “snob perfume” to some, but to me it speaks volumes for anyone that wears them. It is a fragrance of success, individual and personal self actualization and creativity. The man that wears this has lived a life of enrichment and has experienced everything life has to offer – but has not found the right balance in his life and probably has not found love.

This fragrance is sexy in an aggressive, almost violent way. Irressistable, tempting, aromatic, dark, and villainous, theatrical, masculine, passionate and bold are words I would use to describe this scent.

If you wear the Egoiste that is selling right now, that one is the closest you can get to this fragrance but think of this as being an Eau de Parfum with a lot more volume, facets and throws out better sillage. It had quite the impact on me. For a while I never forgot this aroma and was disapppinted the cologne concentree was discontinued. Chanel should bring it back in it’s original magnificence. We need this type of traditional masculine fragrance to stand out among the lighter fougeres out there (i.e. Chanel Boy which I find to be feminine).

This scent is for a man, and that coming from a woman who is not gender-biased when it comes to fragrances. If a woman wears this, she would have a good reason for doing it and that reason being she loves the notes and enjoys the aroma of leather and woods (that are masculine) on herself. I was never able to wear this because I couldn’t find it in the US although I do wear the Egoiste that is still selling right now.”[1]Review by Gigi the Fashionista on Fragrantica:

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    Raffaello (verified owner)

    This perfume is really fantastic, I never get tired of wearing it, it is persistent but never intrusive and thanks to its formulation it has a very original personality. Elegant and transgressive at the same time. Definitely one of my favorites.

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