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Coco is an elegant and timeless spicy oriental fragrance for women (or men). Here we present the original vintage formula with suggested substitutions included for a modern edition. A must-have for every perfumer.

This purchase is a downloadable PDF document of the complete fragrance formula. Full instructions and additional creative notes are included.

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This is an incredibly special formula. It is based off authentic notes from the original fragrance with additional information from GCMS data, and some experimentation. It is the closest thing you will find anywhere to a formula based off the original version of the perfume that was sold by Chanel in the 1980s as created by Jacques Polge.

The original formula included a number of materials that are now restricted. I have included suggested substitutes for these with products that are available or replicas you can find or create.

I recommend diluting to around 20% for eau de parfum (the original dilution), but you can dilute to parfum (30%+) or each de toilette strength (10-15%) if you like though you may need to tweak the fragrance in that case.

Fragrance Reviews

Glamour. Sophisticated. Mysterious. Rich, luxurious, deep dark red bulgarian roses that have marinated in a liquid of spices, amber, vanilla, civet. A knockout in its strength and longevity. Definitely a night at the opera fragrance, prepare for a magical evening. Old Hollywood glamour beauties would have adored this fine port wine of a fragrance. Use sparingly for daytime chic. Lavishly douse yourself for a midnight rendezvous with a vampire.–ScorpionX[1]From Fragrantica

Coco by Chanel, the embodiment of the spirit of Mademoiselle herself. Coco is warm, ambery, spicy, floral, fruity. The branding is definitely spot on, Chanel presenting Coco as the ultimate baroque inspired perfume. From the bottle, to the scent, from the advertisement to colours, this perfume is a masterpiece. Just like the baroque style suggests, Coco is hundred things in one, she shines in tones of gold, black, orange… this perfume carries the Chanel’s DNA of perfection to its new heights.–bel.gravia[2]From Fragrantica

I wanted to buy a perfume I could grow with and being in my last year of my 20’s this was the perfect fit. Sure it’s a bit more mature ,but less choke worthy then chanel no5. I wanted one in my collection that felt like a nod back to the vintage era and i love how expensive this smells!

I can wear this perfume in my 30’s through to my 60’s.
For an evening perfume this is a timeless choice.
I will be repurchasing this for the rest of my life.

I love it that much that I’m also going to buy a vintage tiny bottle from the 80s to save for really special occasions.

I have the 2019 version 100ml- and I love the opening it is addictive and this perfume is unlike anything else in my collection.
I love gourmands and I’m a sweet fragrance lady all the way, but this is perfect for parties, classy events and winter time when everything looks like luxury.

The gold liquid is beautiful to look at and the bottle just says pure class.–HJKImagery[3]From Fragrantica

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1 January, 2021

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1 review for Chanel Coco Original Replica Formula

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    Konstantin (verified owner)

    I have on one hand a smidgeon of the eau de Parfum from 1990s (original) and on the other hand the mixed based on the formula of Jamie with a few small changes on my part given lack of ingredients. And I love Jamie’s formula more. They are incredibly close but all the things I would eliminate from the original are gone: there is no cloying sweetness, no pungent stickiness. And the projection and technical aspects of the formula are outstanding.

    • Jamie Frater

      Jamie Frater

      I have spent so many hours with this formula – Coco inspires so many wonderful memories for me – I am really glad you like it!

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