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Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian is one of the truly iconic niche fragrances of the 21st century. Its sugary sweetness tempered with an ambrox overdose makes it one of today’s most sought-after fragrances. It is wildly popular with the youth market.

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In the creation of Baccarat Rouge 540 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the famed French crystal house of the same name, Francis Kurkdjian was inspired by the red crystal that adorns each chandelier they make:

“A Baccarat Chandelier is known for its signature scarlet red crystal, which must be heated at 540 degrees Celsius to achieve its vibrant colour. To celebrate this transformative process, Kurkdijan has named and packaged this fragrance to match.”

Kurkdjian sought to create a fragrance of almost entirely synthetic materials, graced by the merest touches of natural floral and citrus oils. The result is Baccarat Rouge 540, one of the most popular and iconic of the perfumes from this luxury fragrance brand.

Dilute to 40% for an extrait de parfum strength.

Fragrance Reviews

What is there to say that has not already been said? This perfume is simply amazing. I am absolutely in love with it. It is the perfect combination of sweet and sophisticated without trying too hard. It reminds me of stepping into the lobby of the engineering building on my university campus which had this unique metallic smell to it. I think this metallic note gives the perfume a bit of an edge, letting it shine through a million other sugary, sweet perfumes.–miryamd89[1]From Fragrantica

5/5 without question. Worth the hype. It’s everything I want in a fragrance when I go out. It’s distinctive, sexy and projects powerfully.

Yes it’s completely synthetic, yes you’ll probably smell it all the time at high-end restaurants in Beverly Hills now and yes it’s 100% worth it’s price.

Performance is fantastic. I have jackets where this is still lingering 2 weeks later, in the best way possible. Projection is second to none.–jeref1[2]From Basenotes

This is a stunning fragrance. It’s almost as if you have this fruity/sugary/strawberry/light woody smell that you can’t quite get to because it is enclosed in a bubble of water. Sounds weird but if you have tried it you will know what I mean. Someone once told me while I was wearing BR that it was the most wonderful thing they had ever smelt.

Very elegant, Very classy & Very sophisticated. Lasts forever!–Man Of The World[3]From Basenotes

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1 January, 2021

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3 reviews for Baccarat Rouge 540 Replica Formula

  1. Avatar

    taimaster2005 (verified owner)

    Wow, this really smells just like the original extrait version, excellent job!

  2. Avatar

    Florian (verified owner)

    I get a strong rubber smell in the beginning and i cant make out where its comming from
    Is it supposed to be like that? I havnt smelled the real one, only clones and they didnt have that note.
    Otherwise it is a really good scent!

  3. Avatar

    Konstantin (verified owner)

    High rating for the formula, not so sure about the scent itself. Now more: One of the trickiest ingredients for me is ethyl maltol – I love it in cotton candy, not so much in perfume. It is used here as one of the key main notes. The formula is surprising simple which is what makes this I guess such an interesting creation – 3 ingredients make the most of it. And the formula is extremely close to the real deal. Is it worth the money? I guess it depends on 2 things: how much you love the fragrance and how much you want to understand the creation process behind masterpieces. And for me, the answer to one with a “yes” was sufficient! Well-done, Jamie!

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