Clone Formula: Chanel No 5 Original Parfum

This is an incredibly special formula. It is based off authentic notes from the original fragrance, GCMS data, and my own additions (mainly to add a few modern touches of great beauty).

It is the closest thing you will find anywhere to a formula based off the original version of the perfume that was sold by Chanel in 1921 as created by Ernest Beaux (descending from Rallet Le No. 1 before it, and Bouquet de Catherine before that).

This formula purchase includes the original No 5 formula, as well as a bonus formula for Rallet Le No 1 which it was based upon. Additionally it contains two amber base formulas and additional information on the fragrance and its history.

To buy the formula and the optional rose replacer which it references, go here:

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Frank Saunders
10 months ago

Do you have the formulas for Ambrene 10 and the Muguet base? I really want to mix this formula up but am missing those. I don’t want to substitute anything if possible.

Guido Faber
Guido Faber
1 month ago

Hi Jamie,

I have mixed this gem about 2 months ago, and I have evaluated it during the macerating process last Sunday with a test strip and a tiny dab on my wrist, It’s amazing! I can still smell it when entering my bedroom, a very pleasant scent. I will let it mature for another 4 months before diluting. The macerating process really does miracles and softens the aldehydes etc.

Last edited 1 month ago by Guido
8 days ago

Hi Jamie, should Ambergris Tincture be replaced with Ambrox super in the same percentage and with the same dilution? At that dilution isn’t it almost irrelevant? Thanks

7 days ago

Hi Jamie, what is the difference between C11 aldehyde and C110 aldehyde? I ordered them on PCW and realized they have the same CAS number but the molecular formula is different. Thanks

6 days ago
Reply to  Jamie Frater

I ask because in the formula Rallet N, 1 there are both of these aldehydes that strangely have the same CAS number but the molecular composition is different… Mystery

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