Patron Formula: Old School Fougere like Jules

I have always loved Animalis by Synarome, and even though it has now been reformulated many times over it is still a beautiful base that can really shine when used well. This formula is for an elegant old-school aromatic fougere in the family of classic fougeres such as Jules by Dior, Patou Pour Homme, Men's Club, etc. It is a good starting point for a modernised classic scent. This is IFRA and EU compliant. .tab_r_q { width: 15%; text-align: center;...
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15 days ago

Hi Jamie, this is just lovely, thank you. Just wondering if you used galaxolide at 50 or 100?

John Cumbus
John Cumbus
15 days ago
Reply to  John

Wondering as well. Just mixed up a 10g sample with galaxolide at 100%. Also wondering if Animalis is comparable to Animalis Hypo 27…

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