Orange Blossom Base

Orange blossom is one of the oldest and most important perfumery notes. It was central to the first colognes in fact. The price of orange blossom (and the closely related neroli) is very high so replacements of a high calibre are needed. This accord is based on a formula by Poucher with a minor tweak to make it more natural and closer to the best orange blossom absolute I have smelt. It's a small tweak but makes a big difference....
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6 years ago

I came up with a fairly similar orange flower accord and noted that the longer I could get the linalool to last the better it was. I used several linalool chems and natural sources in doing this. Also, a touch of galbanum was nice too.

Thanks again.

Marcio Leandro A. de Andrade
Marcio Leandro A. de Andrade
4 years ago

Really fantastic!

Jamie Frater
4 years ago


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