Juicy Mandarin Base

Mandarin is, to my nose, perhaps the most beautiful and complex of all the citrus notes in perfume. We are fortunate to have such a plentiful supply of the real oil from a variety of places and in a variety of forms (red, yellow, green, etc). While the natural oil is a beautiful complementary note, sometimes you want something really strong to punch out through other strong notes: for example the mandarin note in the most incredibly fragrance "Sublime" for...
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3 months ago

Anything similar for the Cinnamyl propionate I can use?

3 months ago
Reply to  Jamie Frater

Thanks for this information that’s some good advice.
its really fun experimenting but I don’t want to wander of from this formula to much, but I am sure to try your suggestions. I also found out that I haven’t got Dimethyl anthranilate so I have to order that one too, the other ones you’ve mentioned I have.
Question; how many samples you get to choose from when ordering something from Vigon?

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