Juicy Mandarin Base

Mandarin is, to my nose, perhaps the most beautiful and complex of all the citrus notes in perfume. We are fortunate to have such a plentiful supply of the real oil from a variety of places and in a variety of forms (red, yellow, green, etc). While the natural oil is a beautiful complementary note, sometimes you want something really strong to punch out through other strong notes: for example the mandarin note in the most incredibly fragrance "Sublime" for...
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1 year ago

Anything similar for the Cinnamyl propionate I can use?

1 year ago
Reply to  Jamie

Thanks for this information that’s some good advice.
its really fun experimenting but I don’t want to wander of from this formula to much, but I am sure to try your suggestions. I also found out that I haven’t got Dimethyl anthranilate so I have to order that one too, the other ones you’ve mentioned I have.
Question; how many samples you get to choose from when ordering something from Vigon?

9 months ago

I have made this base a few weeks ago after collecting all the necessary ingredients, I forgot to review it here..so here it is; Very opulent, bright and fresh base that I really are implementing next time for your Egoïste formula soon because the last time I made this formula I’ve used mandarin super red from Hermitage oils..and non of your other bases except the Cuir leather base and Dianthine base… the rest were substitutes like Rose Wardia and regular Neroli.

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