Free Formula: Tigerseye

This fragrance has been one of the oldest and most edited fragrances I have made so far. I would go as far to say that it is my favorite creation to date and that there really isn’t anything on the market today that compares. It’s something that performs well in hot and cold weather and though it is strong it is not cloying or aggressive in nature.

To start, it opens with an intensely bright citrus note which features anise, petitgrain, and elemi tinged with spearmint. This unique and beautiful opening blends into a bright woody heart with notes of patchouli, geranium, cedar, tonka bean, and violet leaf. lastly, it settles into a powdery smooth amber base consisting of tobacco, oud, oakmoss, vanilla, vetiver and a healthy dose of musks, both animalic (civet) and sensual skin notes (romandolide).


Top Notes

Bergamot, Anise, Petitgrain

Elemi, Spearmint

Heart Notes

Patchouli, Geranium, Cedar

Tonka Bean, Violet Leaf

Base Notes

Oud, Patchouli, Amber

Tobacco, Vetiver, Vanilla

Oakmoss, Civet, Musk, Ambrette

 The oakmoss base featured in this formula is from the first post of mine and can be found through the main site or simply through the link within the formula. I do so hope this fragrance brings you all joy and intrigue! It has been 3 years in the making so far and will in all likelihood will be edited further down the road.  It is my joy and pleasure to share it with the world and all the fine perfumers on this blog. Happy mixing!


[Special thanks goes to Jamie for allowing me the opportunity and the platform to share my work.]


Quantity Ingredient Comments
100 Iso E Super
80 Clearwood Patchouli EO can be used as well
60 Cedryl Acetate
55 Romandolide some flexibility here, could use Edenolide or Habanolide
55 Ambroxan The best you have
50 Benzyl Salicylate
40 Vetival This is a wonderful citrus vetiver compound- It’s essential and very hard to replace.
35 Petitgrain EO
35 Linalyl Acetate
35 Sylvamber
35 Cedar Atlas
30 Symroxane
30 Timbersilk
30 Silvanone Supra
30 Hedione
30 Cetalox Ambrox DL is best quality
20 Dihydromyrcenol
20 Dihydro Terpinyl Acetate
20 Cedramber
20 Bergamot 104 (Givaudan) Bergamot EO can be used here (BF is best)
20 1980s Oakmoss Base
20 Oud Synthetic 10760E Firmenich Oud replacer
20 Cedroxyde
20 Vanillin
15 Vetiver (Haiti)
15 Elemi EO
8 Star Anise EO Defining character of this fragrance!
8 Tonka Bean Absolute Can replace with equal parts coumarin
8 Spearmint “Nanah”
7 Dimethyl Cyclormol
7 Okoumal
7 Coumarin
6 Bicyclononalactone
5 Methyl Octine Carbonate 10% Violettyne is a good substitute
5 Vetiver (Indonesia)
4 Orange Flower Ether
4 Geranium Bourbon
3 Firascone
1 Citrylal E
7 Civet Tincture 10% Beautiful sparkle and clarity along with anise note.
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1 month ago

Great, thanks for sharing this formula, looking at the ingredients it’s looks very promising, thank you very much Frank and Jamie!!
I need a few ingredients for this formula though, I’ll add the missing ingredients to my wish list.
New formulas appearing almost every day, so it’s wise to wait a little while until ordering I suppose… haha!

Last edited 1 month ago by Guido
1 month ago
Reply to  Frank Saunders

Thank you very much Frank, I certainly appreciate that. It’s a pleasure to know you’ve teamed up with Jamie and I am very excited to blend your formula soon!

19 days ago

I Made some Changes because i dont have everything but i have to say that i really like this scent. Nicely done Frank!

18 days ago
Reply to  Frank Saunders

Citral for Citrylal E, Damascone Alpha for Firascone but half the amount, Sweet Orange for Orange Flower Ether, Karanal for Okoumal, Tobacco abs. for Dimethyl Cyclormol but only 10% of the amount, Terpinyl Acetate instead of Dihydro Terpinyl Acetate, Musk Ketone substitute by IFF for Silvanone Supra because the description from perfumers apprentice of silvanone supra gets close to that, and used Ambrox DL insead of Cetalox

18 days ago
Reply to  Frank Saunders

I thought when looking at that formula that tobacco abs. could work well in there, thats why i used it. I got some Cedrone S by IFF and think that could be placed in there too. Honestly its the first time i used Oud/ Synthetic Oud, i really like it

Jamie Frater
18 days ago
Reply to  Frank Saunders

So true! Oud is always very in your face. I love M7 for being relatively well balanced as far as oud is concerned and Creed Royal Oud is very wearable too.

18 days ago
Reply to  Jamie Frater

M7 is the next one i want to make!
I got the Firmenich Synthetic Oud, Pretty Oud and Oud Maleki, i Like all 3

Jamie Frater
17 days ago
Reply to  Florian

Pretty Oud is lovely – I think it is an important component of Gucci Absolue Pour Homme.

Jamie Frater
18 days ago
Reply to  Florian

I love tobacco absolute!

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