Formula Sales Closing Down Sale

Starting today, all perfume formulas (except Patreon) are discounted as we will be shutting down the formula shop.

In about a month I will be launching my perfume brand Frater Perfumes. I will be selling a range of luxury fragrances all formulated and hand made by me. I have collaborated with some other luxury brands and artisans around the world for the bottles, labels, gift wrap, etc. This will be a truly rich range of perfumes with very high quantities of natural oils in the classical tradition but, of course, also with the wonderful modern chemicals available to perfumers today.

Many of my fragrances also build on some of the amazing historic bases from history which I am reviving – bases such as Ambreine Samuelson, Dianthine, Jasmin Blanc, Mousse de Saxe, and many more. It is incredibly exciting to be able to use those bases with all the modern materials now available. The end result is quite lovely even if I do say so myself!

As mentioned in the first sentence, from today all perfume formulas on the sales shop are now discounted until we close our doors. Patreon formulas will remain and the patreon side of the site will continue to operate beyond the launch. I also have six other formulas that are not listed here which I am happy to sell if you approach me directly by email at [email protected].

There are 14 fragrances for sale right now. If you wish to purchase all 14 I can offer a further discount to $1,000 (instead of the currently discounted $1,120) for the lot and I will also then give you the remaining six for free (a total value of $1,600).

If you wish to sign up for an email newsletter on the new website, please do feel free. The newsletter is not currently running but will be once we open the shop doors (and we will be offering international shipping).

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8 days ago

Congratulations! but I must ask about the patreon I signed up along time ago amd you released new stuff only one in two or three
monthes. What’s your future plan for patreon?

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