Clone Formula: Patou Pour Homme Privé

Patou Pour Homme Privé is my signature fragrance, I have spent untold hours wearing this scent and considering its many nuances. I have bought numerous bottles at great cost (of both the eau de toilette and aftershave) and have had more than one GCMS analysis performed. This “clone” formula of Patou Pour Homme Privé is out of this world and, should you wish to play around with the data yourself, it makes a great starting point for experimentation.

If you wish to purchase the full formula to this magnificent scent, you may do so here:

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Frank Saunders
1 year ago

This is incredible! Thanks so much for sharing! I had to make a few very small alterations because I didn’t have the materials but it turned out beautifully!

1 year ago

I never knew the original but was very intrigued by your description and went on mixing this. I am not sure it’s something I would wear daily but it is definitely a very refined fragrance. I recently got a bottle of Chanel BOY from their Les Exclusifs which is also categorized as a fougere and one of the things that is so special about BOY is that it is extremely refined and soft. And much more fitting Chanel than this (although this is also very nice). And I also have to say that smelling the concentrate alone can be very… Read more »

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