Clone Formula: Nasomatto Baraonda

About the perfume: “A delicate and costly creation that blends the taste and the smell of a single malt whiskey, lucid dreaming and reality, burning Russian Red, personal actions and reactions. It is a sensory hurricane that surrounds one with a mixture of hot and aromatic notes and the scent of old barrels, leaving with a fruity aftertaste. Attention: In this perfume The Nose used pure alcohol and only high-quality natural ingredients to encourage a raw taste sensation. This fragrance may cause effects on thinking skills, like problem-solving, attention and memory. You might get carried away, but the brave ones should have a taste.”

Frater Perfumes is now releasing a replica formula of this fragrance to help educate new perfumers and for the curious in general.

Read more and purchase (for educational purposes) the full replica formula for this incredible landmark fragrance from the luxury fragrance house of Nasomatto here:

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3 months ago

Very cool! I can’t wait to try this out. Quick question: can I substitute L Muscone for Muscone?

Michael Paul
Michael Paul
2 months ago

I love it! What a great formula.

I’ve smelled the original, but can’t remember exactly what it’s like. All the reviewers say that the rose is in the background… but after mixing this up, and giving it a sniff; the rose here feels really strong and prominent. Does the rose calm down a bit after letting it mature for a while?

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