Clone Formula: “1000” by Jean Patou

A masterful combination of osmanthus and real violet leaves, “1000” by Jean Patou is a landmark dry aldehydic chypre which is presented here in both an extrait (38% concentration) and eau de parfum (20%) form. In no other fragrance will you find such a mega-dose of pure violet leaf absolute and a striking accord of three of the most luxurious rose products available: luscious French rose de mai balanced with hefty quantities of both Turkish and Bulgarian rose oils. Coupled with a dose of Jasmin absolute simply not seen today, this fragrance gives the likes of Joy and Chanel No 5 a run for their money in terms of price and quality.

Read more and purchase the full formula for this incredible landmark fragrance from the luxury house of Jean Patou here:

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Gio Mara
Gio Mara
1 year ago

Hi James. I was unable to download the pdf after payment. Please, if possible send me an email with pdf? thank you. G.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jamie

Thank you, James, all right. It’s a fragrance that I love, I still have some vintage bottles. I never thought it contained Osmanthus abs., It is enchanting from the small batch I have already mixed. 🙂

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