Get a boost in your perfumery abilities by learning from these formulas for fine fragrances.

Patron Formula: White Diamonds – Life After Lillial

[Unlock this article to discover how you can replace lyral and lillial (lysmeral or lily aldehyde) and get as-good-or-better perfumes as a result!] With Lyral now completely outlawed by eurocrats in Brussels, and Lillial-bearing scents set to be ripped from the shelves starting this year, many perfumes will simply vanish. Gems such as Chanel’s Coco …

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Clone Formula: “1000” by Jean Patou

A masterful combination of osmanthus and real violet leaves, “1000” by Jean Patou is a landmark dry aldehydic chypre which is presented here in both an extrait (38% concentration) and eau de parfum (20%) form. In no other fragrance will you find such a mega-dose of pure violet leaf absolute and a striking accord of three of the most luxurious rose materials.

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