About Frater Perfumes

Frater Perfumes is a manufacturer of high-end perfumery bases targeted at luxury perfume makers and niche perfume houses. Our products are designed for use by perfumers. As well as reproducing famed historical bases from fragrance history, we make the highest quality modern bases using all of the modern chemicals and materials available to us to accent and enhance formulas built around large amounts of natural essential oils and absolutes. We specialize in the use of rare and precious ingredients.

We look to the past to define the future. Join us in a renaissance of the golden age of perfumery. If you have custom requirements or needs, feel free to contact us to discuss further.

Technical Stuff

In addition to supplying bulk materials, we wish to support niche and hobbyist perfumers by allowing very low minimum order quantities. We see ourselves as makers of art supplies for perfumers as artists.

We ship to anywhere in the world and strive to keep shipping costs to a minimum.

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